Privacy Policy

Who Are We?

Beaat platform is one of the digital products owned and developed by Cloud Corporation Information Technology, CR No# 2051236631, headquarters in Al-Khobar City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Beaat's platform mission is constituted at achieving the digital sustainability to build and manage business relations.


The mission of Beaat is to actively contribute to building reliable business relationships that directly contribute to creating new and promising job opportunities for both clients and users of the platform, in addition to enable them to manage their business relationships.

Based on our commitment to transparency with you, dear customer/ user, and our full awareness of the importance and protection of data, we have prepared this detailed privacy policy (which is a main reference for us and the customer in addition to the user). This policy explains our practice regarding the type of data we collect from you, how we use it and the purposes for which it is processed. As data controllers, we commit to you that all of our processing activities comply with all legal requirements and reasonable purposes. We also value your trust in us, so we assure that we do not sell, rent or even share your information and/or data to third parties under any circumstances.

In general, we assure you that we use and process the required data only so that we can activate your account on the platform, which is mandatory for us so that we can provide and operate the services for you, our dear customer / user.

Dear customer/ user, while visiting / browsing the Beaat website and/ or registering and using the services of the Beaat platform and/ or clicking on any of the “Next”/ “I agree” options when registering, you agree to the privacy policy and the usage agreement.

This platform is subject to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please read this Agreement and the Platform's privacy policy carefully before you start using it.

Article (1) - Definitions:

∙ The platform in the privacy policy and usage agreement means the use of the website/ application and other digital channels. The term “platform” includes its owners, developers, partners and those who work for its interest, its advisors, employees, representatives, and the like those.

∙ The customer refers to work entities and/or work groups, whether independent or non- independent, who are participating at Beaat service.

∙ (User) means each browser/visitor/downloader/registering at the application and/or the website, whether or not he has linked and authenticated his account with the account of an entity/ workgroup.

Article (2)- Modification/ Update of the Privacy Policy:

We are constantly and continuously working to develop and improve our services, so we reserve our full right to modify / update this privacy policy and / or use agreement when needed, and we are committed to you, dear customer / user, that our privacy policy always complies with all strict legal provisions. When such act occurs the data management team will send an email to inform you that the policy has been modified or updated with any significant changes, if any.

Article (3)- Your Basic Rights Dear Customer/ User:

Here, we assure you, dear customer/ user, that we respect and acknowledge that privacy is your right and you will always have a choice in what information you want share with us. Of course, we need to collect basic information (explained in the fourth paragraph) to operate and activate our services. However, this does not always require all of your information available to us.

You have the right to always communicate with the data management team if you have any questions about data protection.

You have the right to be provided access to the Privacy Policy/Usage Agreement at any time.

You have the right to know what data we collect and store on the servers we use.

You have the right to correct your profile data.

You have the right to ask us to delete all your data stored with us at any time, and then your account will be deactivated.

You have the right to file a complaint with us, in the event that you believe that something has been done in relation to the personal data/ data of the employer or your rights.

Article (4)- Privacy of Usage:

Your privacy usage, dear customer/ user, is our concern and gaining your trust is our first priority. Therefore, we use all necessary measures to preserve the usage privacy, including end-to-end encryption, in order to protect it so that neither we nor any third party can know its content except for you and the other party. This feature provides for all of the following: Password (temporary and permanent)-instant conversations between clients/ users (chatting)- all work page contents when authenticating and linking the account by an entity/ workgroup. We also do not need to store or save the above contents to provide our main services. Instead, they are stored on the users' devices. Once delivered to receiving devices, they are deleted from the our servers, with the exception of which are not delivered to receiving users because their devices are not connected to the Internet. In this case we keep them encrypted on our servers for a period of no more than (30) days after which it is automatically deleted. When the user redirects the media within a message, we temporarily store this media in an encrypted form at our servers to help with more efficient delivery of additional redirects.

Article (5)- The Processed Data and its Purposes

Beaat pays great attention to transparency in dealing with all customers and users. We also believe that all principles of data processing must be taken into account. Therefore, we assure you, dear customer / user, that all our data processing activities are carried out in accordance with strict legal requirements. We also process data within the legal and reasonable framework. The following points show our processing activities.

Main Data:

Name- Name of the entity/ work group/ E-mail address - Type of business (governmental or private) Commercial registration number and expiration date for private companies and institutions - Number of accounts documented and linked to the accounts of a business entity /group.


Collectively, this data represents (the master data) that we definitely need to provide our services to you, dear customer / user. Without it, you cannot create an account or profile on the platform. Contact Information:

Name - Name of the entity / workgroup - E-mail address - Smartphone number (if applicable)


We process this data so that in the event of clients/users are trying to reach us we'll able know who we are contacting back , the client/user contact information, and what event are we able assist the client/ user with and help them regarding the reason of their contact.

Information / Data that is Automatically Processed:

Usage information and performance records:

We are always keen to measure the performance of the services and diagnose faults when they occur at an early, appropriate time. Therefore, general information (which cannot identify the user) is automatically processed about your activity on the services and features of the platform, and here it means the type of services you use, its date, time and frequency, and it also includes your registration information, such as date and time of registration on the platform and how you use it.


We are constantly and continuously working to develop and improve our services and to promote the user/customer's experience, so we automatically collect and process general data of usage to study and analyze it to understand and meet the needs of the labor market.

Device Information and Data Access:

Device ID-Device Defining No- Internet connection information (IP address) Device location (if it is allowed by the user)


On each access, we store this information for purely technical reasons. We also use parts of this information to detect suspicious behavior at an early stage and to avoid harm.

Optional Features:

Certain features of the Platform may include the need to allow access to optional additional information and we will make sure to notify you of this combination as necessary. If you choose not to provide the information required to use a particular feature, we will not be able to provide it to use one of these features, such as but not limited to, adding a picture for your personal account (requires allowing access to the camera or image file in your smart phone) and sharing your location with your contacts (requires access to the IP Address of your mobile phone).

Article (6)- Managing Relationships with Customers and Users/ CRM System

One of our most important goals is the satisfaction of all customers and users, so we are keen to be ready for all questions, answering them and understanding the problem that customers and users may face. For this purpose, we store the content of the conversation in our CRM system when you communicate with us. The content of the information we store depends on what you provide to us as part of our communications.

You may be contacted directly by us or through one of our call center agents whenever the need arises. We usually record and store the conversation with you and in some individual cases, the recordings are used to improve and control the quality of our services to customers and users, for the purposes of training (orienting) our employees. The content of the information we store is based on the information you provide to us as part of our communications. Stored phone calls are also deleted after a maximum period of (12) months or if the purpose of storage is fulfilled, in the event that the quality check was performed before this period.

Article (7)- How long do we need to store your data?:

Certainly, you have the right to submit a request to delete the following data-or-any data is registered with us (your name - name of the entity/work group-commercial registration number if any - e-mail - mobile phone number if any) and we will immediately delete your account on the platform. Note that retention periods for some data vary according to local legal requirements. Therefore, despite your request to delete your data, we may still have to keep some of the stored data due to legal regulations. However, in this case, we will restrict the data from further processing. Furthermore, we will continue to store your data if we have the right to do so in accordance with the rules of the Communications and Information Technology Commission. This applies in particular if we need your personal data to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

Article (8)- Platform Protection, Fraud Prevention and Legal Procedures:

We are constantly monitoring the activities of all visitors at our site (including customers and users) to ensure that our customers and our platform are both protected from potential attacks. We monitor activities using various technical measures to ensure that suspicious behavior patterns are detected and identified at an early, appropriate stage. In order to achieve this goal, we follow a number of monitoring mechanisms to prevent potential attacks from reaching our site. When a customer/user or provider behaves badly and harms us, we hand over the personal information of the relevant accounts to the competent legal authorities. We reserve the right to disclose the stored data and to use a copy of the data for the purposes of legal compliance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are taking the necessary technical, commercial, and administrative steps to ensure that data is treated safely and in line with this Privacy Policy and the Platform Usage Agreement in order to protect customer and user data from unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure and destruction. We may use, for example, encrypted electronic technology to protect data as it is sent to our site, as well as an external electronic firewall, and electronic firewall technology on the host machine of our platform so that we can block malicious attacks on the network. We also make sure to use the servers of global world companies with high reliability. Only the employee, its service providers and agents will be allowed to know data (which will never reveal your identity) and have limited and controlled access only to carry out their work. Customers and users are also responsible for protecting their data from sharing with others, including, but not limited to, the password.

Article (9)-Mergers-and /or Acquisitions – and/ or Change of Ownership - and / or - Closing::

In the event of a merger with another entity or acquisition of the Corporation, we will disclose the information to that entity. Of course, we will require them to comply with legal data protection regulations.

Article (10)- Information that others can view:

When you are added, dear user, to another user's account, you will be able to view his profile (just as the other useres can when adding you) can see your profile. The user can also hide the mobile phone number in case of adding it).

When also documenting and linking the user account to a client account (an entity/workgroup), the name of the entity/workgroup will change to the official name added by the entity/workgroup account. In addition, the business entity/group will be able to see the profile of the respective user who is authenticated and associated with his/her account.

Article (11) Third Parties:

We are cooperating with leading and trusted local and global technology companies to operate and improve our services. These companies include, for example, but not limited to, Google, Microsoft and Oracle. These parties have no claims of any kind regarding this data. We also work with third parties who comply with our Privacy Policy and transfer our data to them when needed. The third parties include, for example, our consultants or lawyers. These parties receive data on a contractual basis and process the data for legal reasons or to protect our private interests.