Usage Agreement

Who Are We?

Beaat platform is one of the digital products owned and developed by Cloud Corporation Information Technology, CR No# 2051236631, headquarters in Al-Khobar City, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

Beaat’s platform mission is constituted at achieving the digital sustainability to build and manage business relations.


Dear customer/user, while visiting/browsing Beaat platform through electronic webpages/application and/or registering, using services of Beaat and/ or clicking any of the “Next”/“OK” options when registering, it is considered as a proof of your approval for Privacy policy and usage agreement.

This agreement is a usage agreement between Beaat Platform and customer/user, and this agreement shall be effective from the moment of entry/registration/visiting the platform and beginning to use it. Deleting or discontinuance use of the platform isn’t considered as a termination of the user’s side of obligations arising from it under this agreement (if any).

This platform is subject to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please read this Agreement and the Platform's privacy policy carefully before you start using Beaat platform.

We always welcome any questions or inquiries regarding the policy and the usage agreement.

Article (1) - Definitions:

  • The platform in the privacy policy and usage agreement means the use of the website/ application and other digital channels. The term “platform” includes its owners, developers, partners and those who work for its interest, its consultants, advisors, employees, representatives, and the like of those.
  • The customer referred as work entities and/or work groups, whether independent or non- independent, who are participating/subscribed at Beaat service.
  • (User) meaning falls under individuals who are browsing/visiting/downloading/registering at the application and/or the website.
  • Article (2) – Eligibility of Use:

    1. Customer/user declares that he has legal eligibility, and that his/her age is not less than eighteen (18) years old.
    2. The customer declares that he/she is registered as eligible, official, legal in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is obligated to provide a proof of the previously mentioned. (Work groups are excluded here). The customer bears the consequences in case of violation of the article of eligibility of use in front of others without exceptions. The platform shall be entitled for investigating and questioning the violator, under the provisions of contractual accountability, with requesting a compensation for the damages that may arise as a result of this violation. The violations includes any act that might badly affect the reputation of the platform to the eyes of public/costumers/other users. The platform maintains the right to suspend/freeze/delete customer/user accounts when it is proved that information provided to the platform or entered upon registration are incorrect.

    Article (3) – Nature of the Platform’s Obligation:

    ∙ The mission of Beaat platform is to provide methods to communicate with other users and enable business relationships management through a number of features, for example, but not limited to, authenticating user accounts, archiving contacts added by the user, the ability to search/add a communication reminder and sending a communication request to other users.

    Article (4) - Terms of Use:

    1. The customer/user shall commit to using the platform in accordance with public morals and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    2. The customer/ user is responsible for the credibility of his/her account information and it is not permissible to impersonate an official or unofficial person/entity.
    3. Under no circumstances may the services of the platform be used for the following activities:
    4. The customer/user is directly responsible for his account on the platform. Therefore, the client/user is obligated to maintain the confidentiality of his account information and the confidentiality of the password and not to allow others to enter / use / benefit from the account on the platform at all, and to inform the platform immediately when an unauthorized use of account information occurs in the platform or any other penetration of confidential information.
    5. The customer/user is obligated to avoid the cause material or immaterial damage to the platform, its customers or other users.
    6. It’s never allowed to infringe the rights of others protected by laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Article (5) - Disclaimer:

    1. The use of the platform is a technical means for communication only. Therefore, the platform is not responsible any transactions / agreements / promises or the like that take place through the services or features of the platform between customers / users.
    2. When a user account is linked and authenticated by a client account on the platform, the user (whose account has been linked and authenticated) will be able to access the employer’s page and view its contents from work circulars / announcements - list of work colleagues - list of work information - scheduling business events / meetings Therefore, the platform is not responsible for misuse when it occurs by the client.
    3. The platform's services includes the ability to add and exchange communication information between users, and the users are able to view the profiles, profile personal picture, communication status, and the contents of instant messages (chatting). Therefore, the platform does not bear responsibility the misuse when it is occurred by a user / customer.
    4. The platform cleares its full responsibility from any claims costs or damages, material or immaterial, to a party/ entity/person arising from an act committed by one or a group of clients/ users of the platform.
    5. The platform is not responsible for the breach of the customers/users to the rights of property of other persons / entities.

    Article (6)-Communication channels between clients/users and the official platform:

    1. The customer/user agrees to be contacted via the fixed/mobile phone number or e- mail when needed. All agreements, advertisements, data and communications that user/client provide electronically take the place of their written counterparts, deemed as a pretext, in itself, for meeting legal requirements.
    2. During the period of the customer's membership/user’s usage,the platform shall send promotional e-mails to inform you of any new changes, procedures, features or promotional activities added to the platform.

    Article (7) - Confidentiality of Information:

    ∙ As you might know, our dear customer/ user, the Internet is not a secure means, and the confidentiality of personal information cannot be 100% guaranteed. Therefore, the platform takes a number of high-quality technical standards to protect information and never allow access to it by an unauthorized person or entity. Please see the privacy policy applicable to the platform.

    Article (8)- Amendments to the Employment Agreement:

    ∙ The platform reserves the right to make basic or subsidiary amendments to this agreement, provided that customers and users are notified of the modification process, with mentioning of any substantial modifications, if any, through the use of any technical means, for example, but not limited to the email registered by the customer / user.

    Article (9)- Subscription Policy and Payment or Refund of Fees:

    1. Some of the services/features of the platform, to be benefited by the customer, are subject to mandatory subscription fees.
    2. The customer shall commit to paying the fees in Saudi Riyals within a period not exceeding (30) days from the date of starting to provide/ activate the service. (The platform reserves the right of taking what it deems appropriate when the customer fails to pay the fees within the specified period).
    3. It is possible to cancel the subscription to the service when it is activated for the first time, and refund the subscription fee in the event of payment within 30 days from the date of the effective date of activating the subscription.
    4. The customer may request to suspend the subscription temporarily (the suspension period is not counted from the subscription period) for a period not exceeding (30) days, provided that the number of suspension times does not exceed twice during the subscription period.
    5. If the subscription is not renewed within (5) days from the end of the subscription period, the platform will stop providing and activating the service.

    Article (10)- Procedures of unsubscribing/ stopping the service/ deleting the customer or user account:

    1- According to this usage agreement and the laws, regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the platform has the right to cancel the subscription/ stop the service/ delete the customer or user’s account in the following cases:

    Article (11) - Rights and Intellectual Property:

    ∙ Beaat platform and all its contents, without exception, is protected and preserved under the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and therefore no one has the right to benefit from transferring /using / copying / quoting / utilizing, whether partially or wholly, without getting a prior written consent of the platform management.